Turkish Frozen Sea Products Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish frozen sea products, Turkey frozen sea products manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality frozen sea products from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

SULTAN ET VE GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yurda ERŞAHİN    
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KOCAMAN BALIKCILIK TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Bülent BAŞARAN    
sea products, water products, freshwater products, fish, fish products, marine products, sea foods, frozen sea products, frozen freshwater products, fisheries,
FENER BALIKCILIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Aydın KASA    
sea product, sea products, water product, fish, water products, anchovy, trout, salmon, salmon trout, whitefish,
BASAK GIDA A.S.        Türkiye     Furkan REİS    
frozen foods, oils, cooking oils, edible oils, pulses, pasta, pastry products, breakfast products, delicatessen products, canned food,
ISIK GIDA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
frozen strawberry, frozen sour cherry, frozen apricot, frozen rasberry, frozen blackberry, frozen red currant, frozen blueberry, frozen black mulberry, frozen pumpkin, frozen quince,